About Us

David Jess & Associates is a Canberra based professional services firm specialising in the provision of:

  • Procurement services and advice
  • Contract negotiations
  • Contract management
  • Probity advice
  • Tender preparation and review

We work with public and private sector clients on jobs at all levels, whether they are multi-million dollar projects or relatively simple jobs requiring advice to ensure a robust and defensible process. We are just as adept at providing strategic advisory services as we are at providing “hands-on” services where we will develop all documentation necessary to complete a process.

We ensure that the people we provide are working to their strengths and expertise to ensure we provide the best client experience, every time.We understand that no two jobs, or two clients, are the same. We listen and provide a personalised approach, tailoring our services to your needs. We are passionate about helping you to succeed and achieve real outcomes – not only to procure the best services and products for the best price, but also to ensure that you achieve a workable solution and strong lasting relationships with your contracted service providers.
We set high standards for ourselves and we encourage this in our dealings with our clients. We provide professional advice and services targeted directly to our client. We work closely with Senior Executive, subject matter experts and stakeholders to ensure strategic and innovative approaches to meet our client’s requirements.